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Hi! This is a longer post, but it’s important, so I hope you hang in there with me. I love my city, so our local elections are every bit as important to me as our state and federal elections. Progress doesn’t happen overnight, and we need city leaders who are committed to working for it. Mayor Iverson and I have served together for six years in our city’s government. In that time, I’ve had front row tickets to her dedication to this community, her willingness to collaborate on solutions and policies with council and staff, and her commitment to understanding all of the facts, numbers, and context behind every resolution that comes to council. Mayor Iverson is a leader, and I am proud to support her candidacy for Wyoming’s mayor. I hope you all do as well.

Currently, we have a candidate who has been asking questions of her own as well as those from our residents for six years as a council member and mayor, and working with council, city staff, business owners, and residents to find solutions that benefit us all. Her opponent publicly has sought to change city and county borders in order to up and leave with his development neighbors. Not a terribly community-minded approach, especially given the roughly $300,000 of lost city and county tax revenue that the rest of us would be left with. By his own admission, he discontinued the process because it was overly arduous; not because the residents or businesses of Wyoming were of any importance to him. We need a candidate who not only appreciates the entire city, but who works collaboratively with decision-makers before jumping to nuclear options.

Currently, we have a candidate who, as a part of each year's city budget process with council, a financial firm, and staff, has reviewed our city audit data, projections, and department proposals to work on a budget that is reasonable and provides the community with necessary services, and who understands the value of long-term planning and investing in our city infrastructure and services, and who also understands the impact of our levy on businesses and residents. Her opponent, based on his own words, has only just begun asking questions, and is unable to provide warrants for most of his claims about taxes and the city’s budget. and when pressed, refuses to identify what service or department budget he feels should be cut. Would it be our police? Fire department? Our public works? We have yet to hear any concrete ideas, much less detailed plans on how exactly our city’s taxes should get lowered- that should be concerning to all of us. How seriously would you take a family member or neighbor who said "I'm going to make a million dollars" without articulating how?

Currently, we have a candidate who has tirelessly worked to understand each detail of policies and budget, who is committed to seeking information and solutions when residents and business owners reach out, and has forged partnerships with regional leadership in order to showcase and support our city beyond our borders. She has led the process of transparency in terms of both the budget process and providing more avenues for the public to participate in our local government. Her opponent has attended few council meetings, and doesn’t seem to ask questions about the specifics of our city budget. Even more concerning is the seemingly purposeful public mischaracterization of city policies. Don’t you think that a mayoral candidate in any city should have some record of community participation or understanding of policy in the city in which they are seeking office? It should concern us when a mayoral candidate has only started “asking questions” after filing for candidacy. How does one make good on campaign promises if they are just now “asking questions”?

Anybody can voice opinions and make claims from behind a keyboard; it takes leadership to learn about and be part of making the change. Serving in city government is a huge learning process, and it takes time and effort learning the ropes in order to be effective. Over time, patterns and track records are established that are predictors of future choices and decisions. We currently have a mayor who has an established track record of transparency, dedication, and a willingness to work with all voices at the table. We have a mayor who has an established track record of asking questions, but also proposing ideas and solutions based on objective data. And Mayor Iverson is the only candidate in our mayoral race who has a track record of backing up her claims with facts and accurate information and an established pattern of working to make change. I proudly support Lisa Iverson to continue her hard work as Wyoming’s mayor- she’s got my vote.

I wanted to post today for my friend and fellow politician

Lisa Thielfoldt Iverson.

We have worked together in both business, non-profit, fundraising and community events over the years and the last massive project was the Chisago County Radio negotiations.

Lisa was our leader and was amazing at our meetings with professional, polite and educated discussions with the Chisago County Commissioners and all of the parties involved. The amount of research and fact verifying was outstanding. She especially was able to combine the active involvement of the Townships and the Cities in Chisago County in a very progressive move, getting the commissioners to understand that we are all working and standing together for the benefit of the voting citizens of Chisago County.


As a member of the Lent Township board we discuss ideas that are beneficial to both our communities and she knows the importance of representing what the residents of Wyoming need and want, along with opportunities for working partnerships. I know she is working her hardest to provide the Wyoming residents the best possible future, and...she has the most positive outlook on what is yet to come!


I fully endorse her and look forward to being able to work with her again any time!